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SOA governance

Implementing SOA in accordance to recognized practices, principles and government regulations is called SOA governance.

SOA governance consists of three major components: a registry, a policy and a testing procedure:
  • SOA registry is an evolving catalog of information about the available services in the SOA implementation. The registry allows businesses to efficiently discover and communicate with each other.
  • SOA policy is a set of behavioral restrictions intended to ensure that services remain consistent and do not conflict with each other. These constraints also ensure that good engineering practices, common-sense customer relations principles and government laws are followed. A specific person may be designated to grant occasional policy exceptions.
  • SOA testing is a comprehensive schedule of audits and performance-monitoring procedures intended to ensure that the entire SOA solution is efficient, cost-effective, secure and up-to-date.

Friday, May 4, 2012

X86 / X64 processors - 32 bit /64 bit windows

X86 processor - a term used for processors belonging to the Instruction set Architectures(ISA) of Intel 8080 CPU(first 8 bit processor). The later versions of processors like 16 bit(8086) and 32  bit(80386) processors were also named on with '86' suffix, and hence the term X86

X64 - 32 bit processors may sometime be denoted as X86-32 or x32 while 16 bit can be x16 or x86-16 and 64 will be x86-64 or simply X64.

Only computers that have a 64bit processor have the capability of running 64 bit OS.

Steps to identify 32 bit/ 64 bit OS and processors

  1. In Windows 7 / Vista, open the system properties and under the System tab, you will find whether the OS is 32 bit or 64 bit
  2. For windows XP, if you have a 64 bit OS, then Windows XP Professional x64 Edition Version < Year> will appear under System, else it will 32 bit OS and Windows XP Professional Version < Year> will be displayed.
  3. For a 64-bit processor : x64-based PC appears for the System type under Item
  4. For a 32-bit  processor : x86-based PC appears for the System type under Item.

P.S: The reason for this write up is not to substitute windows reference or wikipedia, but just to serve as a quick reference.

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Nostalgia, a realistic love story

This is my very first attempt at blogging and hone my creative side . Posted in my company's blog on Oct 25, 2007. Please post your comments on how you liked this posting.


"Hey Vijay! Wake up! Its time to get ready. We have to start in another 30 mins. Get ready!" -It was Vijay's mother!

Vijay's parents had planned to visit one of their "Could be" daughter-in-law's house. It was the usual "Pen paarkum padalam". It was not for Vijay, but for his elder brother Ravi. Vijay's mother,Indira had planned to take Vijay along ; it was not a formal meeting between the 2 families. Indira was still sceptical about okaying the alliance. She wanted to evaluate the girl before leaving the decision to her son.

"Here it(the ritual of seeing an alliance) goes again!" – Vijay was commenting to himself about the whole process. His brother is a doctor who is now in working in Chandigarh. They are seeing a girl for him for the past 4 years but with no success. Vijay had infact got used to this usual routine and he started getting ready, nonchalantly.

They were heading to Bodi, a place near Theni (which is infact a place near Madurai, if you had not heard of it ) . The girl's family lived there. It was a long travel from Chennai and soon Ravi fell asleep. When he woke up,he was in his car travelling past some beautiful rural setting that he was used to see in Bharathiraja's movies – the lush green fields, the herd of cattles and the small children who looked at amusement at their car. Vijay was by now thinking, "Just a banyan tree & the Nattamai is the only piece that I missed so far. I should probably settle down in a place like this and do panchayats one day :-) . Wow …what a great achievement it would be ! ".

Just as all these thoughts were running on his mind, they had reached the house of the girl! As they were already acquainted, through common friends, Vijay's parents and the girl's family had no difficulties in breaking the ice on conversation. The girl was not present there ; she was on her way from Chennai to Bodi. She was working for the last 2 years in Chennai.Indira and her hubby Kailash decided to stay in her sister's house which was in the next town and planned to visit them the next day morning to see the girl. Very soon Vijay was sleeping in his aunt's house. The gentle breeze and the rustic background was the excellent setting for him……………………….

Vijay had been transferred to his new office location , which is in Tidel. He had a tough day at the new workplace getting himself acquainted with the new environment and the new set of people. He had always longed to work in the heart of the city, "Chennai – Nungambakkam, Mount Road, Alwarpet or atleast Adyar- why dont software companies have their offices in these places? Atleast this is not Siruseri, thank God!" The initial few days at Tidel were uneventful when compared to what was about to happen in the coming days……..

It was 9 PM. Vijay was leaving from office(typical software hours ) after a long call with his onsite team. Estimates, Deadlines, Quality,Pressure, Value-adds…. all these were his oft spoken words. He was in the lift when suddenly midway , the lift stopped and the door opened. Vijay was stunned at what he saw in front of him….

Banu, a sweet bubbly girl who used to be his collegemate was standing in front of him. Vijay had a crush on Banu from the very first day he saw her. But being an introvert,especially when it comes to gals, he didnt get the relationship started in a easy, cinematic fashion; it took him months to say a "HI" to her (even when she was his classmate!). Slowly Banu and Vijay became friends.Banu liked his sense of humour, simplicity and chivalry. "Chivalry is dead …but u r still a kinda cute! ;) ". They soon became bosom friends but Vijay didnt have the courage to propose to her. Months rolled by…
They were in the final year of their engineering degree. Vijay had got a lucrative offer from one of the leading companies and Banu too had an offer, but it was from another company. Vijay started thinking about what will happen once the college is over? How can I meet Banu daily? Whether she will still be the same? What will happen if her parents marry her to someone soon? All these questions were bogging him down. He started fearing that Banu might forget him.

One day , after office hours, he went to meet Banu in her office.

"Hi Vijay,what a pleasant surprise? What brings you here?"

(Its only you and nothing else) "I am fine. How is it going? I came here just to see you"

"Psst…I thought that you have left your company and joined here! I was happy for a moment seeing you , but you …"

"Anyways, dont worry! IF you want I will be here everyday ;-) " [She likes me so much . Wow God Thank u so much :) ]

But time & distance were cruel players. Banu didnt seem to be affected by the separation. Whenever he used to hint at how bad he feels about leaving the college, friends,especially her, she started paying less attention :( " Why is she behaving like this? Oh God, please help me. Make Banu fall in love with me , SOON!" . But his prayers were turned down by God. One day Vijay gathered the courage to propose to Banu, but she didnt reciprocate his feelings. He felt very bad for himslef as his love has been lost for reason unknown to him.

Banu was now standing in front of him. They havent met in the past 4 years. Banu had got another offer and she was also working in the same location. She was also surprised on seeing Vijay. Vijay now came to his senses, and he offered her a warm smile and said "hi!". She was quiet and didnt respond. "Whats wrong in saying a small Hi? You say Hi to strangers when u r in US, but in India, they dont even return the wishes of an old friend! Strange !" he murmered to himself.

"Hi. What are you upto nowadays" -It was Banu!! She was talking with Vijay now. Now,Time has played a healing role in their relationship and has changed her perception and outlook. She no longer seemed to brood over his proposal to her. They started talking about their job, enquired about their family members and the conversation went for sometime before Banu hopped into her company's last bus to her home.She was still Miss Banu Ramkumar, something which gave hopes for Vijay.

pudhu varigalaal en kavidhai thaalum niraiyudhae
kanavugal vandhu kangal thaandi vazhiyudhae
marandhida en manamum konjam muyaludhae
marupadi marupadi un mugamae ennai soozha

One of the following days , Vijay asked her if she would mind joining him for lunch. He got a postive answer and then onwards they started having lunch together. Slowly breakfast followed and soon dinner too. Familiarity breed attraction in their case. Vijay made his best moves and soon got her consent for their marriage! Banu apologized to Vijay for not accepting his proposal the first time he did , 4 years back as she had her own problems in her family.He was the most happiest man in the world…..

"Munbe vaa en anbey vaa…." the mobile was ringing. It was Aishwarya, Vijay's colleague who is now his sweet-heart.

They both have mutual affection and love for each other. It was initially tough for Aishwarya to make Vijay fall for her and it was more difficult for Vijay to forget Banu and accept the love of another girl. Time and distance again played a important role here. Vijay decided that its wise to "reciprocate the love of the girl who loves you, than , worry about unreciprocating love".

"Munbe vaa en anbey vaa…." Rings again. Vijay answers the call.

"Good morning da"

"good morn ICE! "

"hey enna aachu? Unga annanuku ponnu paaka poniye? Ponnu athaiku pudichiruka? Unga annan kalyanam fix aagiduma? sollu da . Namma route eppa clear ayacha?" ["Whats up? Will this alliance work out? Will your brother marry and make way for us?]

"Theriyala ma. Ponnai inimela thaan paaka poranga! I will call u later. I have to get ready" ["No idea. They are yet to see the girl" ]

Vijay was amused as to why the thought of Banu had come to him after 4 years and that too in his dreams. Why did he dream like winning over her again? " Am I a flirt? Am i unfaithful to Aishwarya?" All these questions cropped up in his mind.

Un kaadhal kittavillai
Kavi Punaiya mudiyavillai — {without ur love , I lost my poetic sense}
Un sparisam kidaikavillai
En iruvugalil urakam illai –{ without ur touch, I lost my sleep}
Un uravu kidaikavillai — {without u, I lost my life }
En vazhkaiyil uyir illai —– by Vijay – Ivan ungalil oruvan(one among you)!

Instant haiku

Aval Orapaarvaiyil Inbam Kanadaen…
Idhazhora Kurunagaiyil Pooripadainthaen …
Oruthalai Kadhalil Vizhunthaen…
Maranam Ennai Kaivitadhu !
Vazhkai Ennai Kolgirathu!

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Harold and Kumar Maths Love poem

Unlike my other posts, this piece of work isnt mine. This is the poem that comes at the climax of the movie "Harold and Kumar -II", but i feel that its funny and worth sharing.

I fear that I will always be
A lonely number like root three
A three is all that's good and right,
Why must my three keep out of sight
Beneath a vicious square root sign,
I wish instead I were a nine
For nine could thwart this evil trick,
with just some quick arithmetic
I know I'll never see the sun, as 1.7321
Such is my reality, a sad irrationality
When hark! What is this I see,
Another square root of a three
Has quietly come waltzing by,
Together now we multiply
To form a number we prefer,
Rejoicing as an integer
We break free from our mortal bonds
And with a wave of magic wands
Our square root signs become unglued
And love for me has been renewed :)


எதிர்பார்க்கும் விடை தராமல்
எதிர்பார்த்த‌ வினா வைப்பதேனோ?


மலரினும் மிருதுவான கன்னத்தில்,
அழகு சேர்க்க விழுந்ததேனோ ஒரு குழி,
புதிய பூவென பட்டாம்பூச்சி அமர்ந்ததாலா?
என் முத்தம் வந்து நிரப்பத்தானா?


பூமிக்கு இரண்டு காதலிகள்
இருட்டிலே பழக ஒரு நிலா
பகலிலே ரசிக்க நீ !


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மோகம் என்னும் தூண்டிலில் மாட்டி
காதல் என்னும் வலையில் சிக்கினாய்


மதிய உணவு இடைவெளிகள்,
புதிதாய் வெளிவரும் திரைப்படங்கள்,
களைப்பைப் போக்கும் தேனீர்,
ரிங்டோன் இசைக்கும் கைப்பேசி,
எல்லாம் இனிக்க மறுக்கின்றன!
உன் நண்பனெங்கே என்று கேட்கின்றன!

உள்ள‌த்துப் பரணி

உன் புன்னகைக்கு வீழ்ந்த‌
நெஞ்சங்களுக்கு ஒரு
உள்ள‌த்துப் பரணி பாடுவேன்;
பரிசாக உன் காதலைத் தருவதென்றால்!

நீ வெயிலில் நடக்கும் போது
ஆதவனும் காலதேவனை கணக்கு கேட்பான்!

FYI: ‘Barani’ is a term used to represent a poem written in praise of a ruler who is victorious in war.

காதல் 2

கன்னியின் உறவில்
கண்ணி என்றறியாமல்
வெடித்துச் சிதறிய மனம்

வெடித்துச் சிதறிய துகள்களை
பிசினிப் போல் சேர்த்தாள் புதியவள்

காமன் செய்த‌ விளையாட்டில்
குரங்குப் பட்டம் பெற்றது மனம்

எய்தவனிருக்க அம்பை நோவதேனோ?


முதல் காதலின் சிலிர்ப்பை
புதிய‌ உற‌வில் தேட‌
பூத‌க் கண்ணாடியை நாடும் சிந்த‌னைக‌ள்!

முதல் காத‌ல்

நினைவுத் தோட்ட‌த்தில்,
உதிர்ந்த‌ பிற‌கும்
ம‌ண‌ம் ப‌ர‌ப்பும் குறிஞ்சி;
முதல் காத‌ல்!

படைப்பாளி, The Creator

உளியை நாடும் சிற்பியும் அல்ல,
வர்ணத்தை தேடும் ஒவியனும் அல்ல,
எண்ணத்தை வெளியிடும் கவிஞன் நான் !

என் வார்த்தை ஒன்றென விதைந்திடும் !
கற்பனை கோடியென தழைத்திடும் !

காவியம் வளர்க்கும் நானொரு படைப்பாளி!
பூமியைப் படைத்த கடவுளும் எனது கூட்டாளி !

It is a well known fact that poets have an superiority complex or ego that would come up at times, inadvertently. The above poem that I have written is also one that will bring out the “Irumaapu” of a poet ( though I cant claim to have it :) )

கிறுக்கல்கள், இது புதுசு கண்ணா புதுசு ;)

Again, these are some "poems"/"kavithai" (mokkais) I wrote way back in Nov 19,2009. Posted on my company blog. Just reposting it to my personal blog now.

இவன் உன்னால் ஆன கலைஞன்
இன்று பிறந்த புது கவிஞன்
சிற்றின்பமும் எனக்கு பேரின்பமே
எங்கும் தெரிவது உன்முகமே

நங்கையின் கண்களில் கைதாகி
காதல் சிறையில் உழலும் மனம்,
விரும்பும் தண்டனை திருமணம் !

அனுபவங்களில் பாக்கள் தேடினேன்,
நான் கண்ணதாசன் !
சொற்களில் இசையைத் தேடினேன்,
நான் விசுவநாதன் !
தோழி உன்னில் காதல் தேடுகின்றேன்
நான் உன் காதல்தாசன்!

நவம்பர் மாத குளிரிலும்
இளவேனில் தென்றல் வீசுதே
உன் பாதம் பட்ட பனியிலும்
வசந்தம் மலர்ந்து பூக்குதே !

ஈடேராத காதலுக்கும்
விட்டுசென்ற காதலிக்கும்
நூறு கவிதைகள் செய்தான்
தோள்கொடுத்த நண்பனுக்கும்
சிலவற்றை ஒதுக்கினான்
ஏட்டுச்சொரக்காய் கரிகாகதென மனைவிக்கு
மாத சம்பளம் முழுவதும் அளித்தான்!


ஒரு கூட்டத்திலும் உன்னை அறிந்திடுவேன்
உன் ஆசைக்கு தான் என்றும் பணிந்திடுவேன் !

உன் ஒரு விரல் தீண்டலில் சிலிர்த்தேழுவேன்
மடி கொடுத்தால் தினம் தவழ்ந்திடுவேன் !

உன் மர்மங்களை அறிந்திடுவேன்
அச்சம் வேண்டாம்… என்னில் புதைத்திடுவேன் !

உன் சின்ன இச்சைகள் கேட்டுவைப்பேன்
இன்பம் களிக்கும் நேரத்தை நிறுத்திவைப்பேன் !

உன் நாட்களை நான் வகுத்திடுவேன்
ஒவ்வொரு வகையிலும் துணை இருப்பேன் !

அன்பே தினமும் என்னை கவனி !
நான் குற்றேவல் புரியும் உன் கணினி !

Appada, oru vazhiya computerkum oru kavithai eluthiyaachu … Ithai padichu tension aanarvagaluku yen varuthathai therivithu kolgiren ;)

கா.மு கா.பி

One of my mokkai kavithais... Its not good, but just posting it to see how bad I have been . Written in Nov 27, 2009 and posted in my company blog.

மானிடன் வரலாறு
கி.மு கி.பி என வளர்ந்தது !
காதலன் வரலாறு
கா.மு கா.பி என பிரிந்தது !

கவிதைகள் இருந்தது ;
பாடல்கள் ஒலித்தது !
மலர்கள் மலர்ந்தது ;
தென்றல் வீசியது ;
நிலவும் பொழிந்தது !
உன்னை பார்த்த பின்பு தான்
இவை யாவும் சுவைத்தது !

ரசிக்ககூட தெரிந்ததில்லை
காதலில் விழுந்தேன்;
கவிஞன் ஆனேன் !
பின்குறிப்பு :
கா.மு – காதலுக்கு முன்
கா.பி – காதலுக்கு பின்

Oru thirai paadal

I recently heard a tamil song thats written only with words starting with the letter, Aa (அ).

I tried to google it for the lyrics but I couldnt find it, so i played it again and wrote down the lyrics myself to share it with our tamil bloggers who are interested in poetry.

I have ensured to the best of my knowledge that the words are correct.
அழகே அழகே அதிருதே…
அன்பே அறிமுகம்…
அதே அதிருதே!
அதரம் அதரம் அசையுதே…
அங்கே அழகிய…
அய்யோ அரும்புதே!
அன்பே அண்மையில் அழைத்தேனே !
அன்பே அற்புதம் அறிந்தேனே !

அந்நாள் அருகிலே,
அக அஞ்சல் அனுப்பினாய் !
அதில் அலைந்தது அலைந்தது
அசைந்தது அசைந்தது
அடங்குது அடிமனமே !

அம்பாய் அடுக்கினாய்… அடி
அன்பால் அடக்கினாய் !
அணுக்களும் அணுக்களும்,
அவஸ்தையில் அவஸ்தையில்
அடிக்கடி அழுகியாதே !

அங்கங்களின் அளவுகள் அழகை அள்ளியது
அம்சங்களின் அசைவினில் அங்கம் அலறுகிறதே !

அழகே அழகே அதிருதே,
அன்பே அறிமுகம்…
அதே அதிருதே!
அதரம் அதரம் அசையுதே,
அங்கே அழகிய…
அய்யோ அரும்புதே!
அடடாஅசைவது, அதிஅறிவின் அருவியோ ?
அடி அமைதியும் அமைதியும்
அழிந்ததுஅழிந்தது அகத்திணை அனுபவமே !

அகிலம் அசந்ததே,
அலையாய் அலையாய் அலையுதே,
அட அடுத்தது அடுத்தது,
அணைப்பது அணைப்பது,
அனைத்துமே அவசியமே !

அஞ்சனத்தில் அமைந்தது அகண்ட அஸ்திரங்கள்
அர்த்தங்களை அளித்தது அமுத அதிசயங்களே !


I didnt get time to blog for a long time and when I want to start now, what best can i think of posting,rather than a tamil poem :)  This is the "censored" version of the (இ)3 extended version :P

Please post your comments on how you liked this posting.

இணையத்தில் ஆரம்பித்த பரிமாற்றம்,
என் நெஞ்சினில் வந்தது தடுமாற்றம்.
இதயங்கள் இன்று இடமாற்றம் !
தூதில் வளர்ந்தது காதல் சிந்தனை !
மின்வெட்டுகள் ஒன்றே நிந்தனை !

குழி விழும் கன்னத்திலே,
மோக அலைகள் அடிப்பதென்ன ?
காதலில் மூழ்கி தவிக்கின்றேன்;
இதய தேவதையும் சிரிப்பதென்ன ?
தேவகன்னியும் சிரிக்கும் போது
இன்ப அமிலம் தான் சுரப்பதென்ன ?
கடவுளை நாடும் பக்தன் போலே
உன் பெயரை நித்தம் நான் படிப்பதென்ன ?

(இ)3 – extended version ;)

This is the “uncensored” version which  I was apprehensive about it. But ithoda mosama ellam post podaranga nu yen nalamvirumbigal sonnathaale, ithai post panaren :)

இணையத்தில் ஆரம்பித்த பரிமாற்றம்,
என் நெஞ்சினில் உருவானது தடுமாற்றம்.
இதயங்கள் இன்று இடமாற்றம் !

தூதில் வளர்ந்தது காதல் சிந்தனை !
மின்வெட்டுகள் ஒன்றே நிந்தனை !
கலவி அறிந்து குறுநகை புரிந்தது,
தனிமையை உணர்ந்த நம் பஞ்சனை !

குழி விழும் கன்னத்திலே,
மோக அலைகள் அடிப்பதென்ன ?
காதலில் மூழ்கி தவிக்கின்றேன்;
இதய தேவதையும் சிரிப்பதென்ன ?
தேவகன்னியும் சிரிக்கும் போது
இன்ப அமிலம் தான் சுரப்பதென்ன ?

குறுந்தகவலில் அனுப்பிய முத்தங்கள்
உன் குறும்பின் முன்னுரையோ?
என் தேகத்தில் படரும் உன் விரல்கள்
காமன் கலையில் தொடர்கதையோ?

சிவந்த ரோஜா மலரோ உன் தேகம்
குளிர் தென்றலை போலே தழுவட்டுமா?
ஒரு வண்டாய் மாறி உன்னிதழ்கள்
பதுக்கும் தேனை பருகட்டுமா ?
கடவுளை நாடும் பக்தன் போலே
காதல் சிந்து நித்தம் படிக்கட்டுமா?

நாணும் காதல்(லி)

கொடியிடையின் பவனியிலே பூநெஞ்சமும் சிதையுதே !
துளி சிந்திய பார்வையில் மயக்கமும் பிறக்குதே !
உன்னோடு இருக்கையிலே என் இளமை தடுமாறுதே !

கைகளால் முகத்தை மறைத்தது நாணமோ?
காதலன் தீண்ட பெண்மையும் நாணுமோ ?
தென்றல் தீண்ட மலரும் மறுக்குமோ?
அலைகள் நனைக்க கரையும் தடுக்குமோ ?

பூவுக்குள் மணம் பிறந்த அதிசயம் தான் என்ன ?
நெஞ்சுக்குள் காதல் வந்த ரகசியம் தான் என்ன ?
பக்தியின் ஒளியில் கடவுள் தென்பட்டது போல்,
உன் அன்பின் ஒளியில் காதலை உணர்ந்ததென்ன?

Love happens

Whenever I write a post a poem in my blog, some ( who don’t write poems) ask me the imminent question,”So you write only love poems?”. A lot of our bloggers/poets would have faced this question as well. This is a simple question which has a broad range of answers. Even before we answer them, they come to any one of the following conclusions -
  • you are in love at present
  • you have been ditched by your girlfriend/boyfriend in the past
  • you are hopelessly romantic(this is not a compliment) and
  • you don’t have any work at office to keep you occupied.
Well, since they don’t really care about our answer to that question, we will leave them there.
Plato said, “At the touch of love, everyone turns into a poet”. The first poem by any person would have been about love. Of all the emotions at our disposal why do we rate love above all? Why do we use eloquent, bombastic, superfluous words and compulsively try to write a poem when we are in love? Because when we are angry we are going to hit that person with all the force instead of writing a poem to express our anger,pain and rage :D

Falling in love brings a lot of changes in you(growing beard or thinning down on failure is excluded).There would have been songs but you pay attention to the lyrics only when you are in love. The flowers are always there in your way, but you see the roses only when you are in love. The sunset is always pleasant, but you didn’t have the time to appreciate it before. The rainbow never looked beautiful until your girl wears it in her duppatta. Cool breeze, wonderful flowers, beautiful nature, Kannadasan poems etc were all there, but you acknowledge these only when you are in love.
For some writing poems is a side-effect of falling in love. But it becomes a not-so-pleasant experience for the readers when they become compulsive poets. They start writing an essay with only 4 words in a line and call it a poem.

There is an universal emotion that connects all the people in this world which is love. Though love marriages are accepted in India, at times it is being subject to suppression based on various factors. Parents should help their children in finding the right life partner and guide them in distinguishing between love, infatuation and deception. But how many of the parents are doing this is a big question, that leaves us with a unsatisfactory response.

காதலினால் மானிடற்கு கவலை தீரும்
காதலினால் கவிதை உண்டாம்
காதலினால் சாகாதிருத்தல் கூடும்
ஆதலினால் காதல் செய்வீர் உலகத்தீரே !

“Mahakavi” Bharathiyar was called “makkal kavingar”( poet of the masses). His above verse has been made immortal by us, but still we whole heartedly promote “love”, only if it happens in our neighbour’s house. We all crib for change to happen but we don’t do anything to make that change.

Tips for Fairy tale ending

I have decided to share some tips for people who single and ready to mingle. Well , I am not a big guru / expert in this area, but I have heard this from others or read in other sites or magazines. I am sharing this for the benefit of all single souls :D

Have a clear idea of what you expect from your life partner. You would be spending the rest of your life and sharing your joys/sorrows with this person. So know your needs.
Think through the qualities that you are expecting from your “dream girl” or “dream boy” . Separate them under 2 categories as “one that you can compromise on” ( not so high on your priority list) and “ones that are MUST” ( these characteristics MUST be present in your valentine).

If you are looking for someone who is good looking, highly educated and well earning spouse(which most of us would ;) ), now priotize these 3 in order of your preference. You may like to a beautiful and highly paid spouse(money/earning factor) and compromise on educational qualification….or it can be any of the combination with these 3 qualities.

Understand that life is full of compromises.When you never get your complete spec in software, how do you expect life to fulfill all your expectations. You will come across people who have their positives and negatives. Your prioritization of expectations and compromises will help you in identifying if the person whom you are dating/ thinking to date, will be your perfect life partner.
Love makes sparks fly in the atmosphere. If you have already decided your “date”, but not yet proposed to her, try to look for hidden signs of attraction or interest. Send subtle signals to the person and keep looking for positive signals. A genuine smile , a good morning wish or coffee breaks together will break the ice and catalyse the cupid’s reaction in the other person. But if the other person is not showing any signs of interest, read that as well…at least it would save you from broken heart and sad times :( ;)

Never propose to any girl on first sight or in a few days of friendship. Chances of that girl declining is 99% ! Girls take their own sweet time and remember you are always in a BIG queue [ even if the girl is very ordinary ... cos guys are generally big-hearted and they cant see a girl stay without having a lover :) ] .

If you have already completed the formalities of proposal and its acceptance, ensure that your date is equally committed about getting married with you, even if its against his/her parent’s wishes. If you are committed and your partner is not ready to wait for you, then it doesnt make sense to love them :( While saying that, it also hold good that you are also ready to stand up for your love, and have the courage to talk it out with your parents.

These are only some of the tips and they are not completely concrete. There cant be any perfect recipes for a fairy tale wedding and similarly not every single person’s issue be solved with these tips. But still, from these abstractions, everyone can conclude on their love situation. For those who are in love, every day is a celebration of love.

Lets celebrate love :)

IPL Review

After a long time , i have decided to post something in my blog again… but I dont know what to post. Rants and Raves are not my cup of tea nor is a movie review, as I hardly see new ones.Its not that I dont see new movies, but I watch them after I am pretty sure that its a good one. So by the time I review one, it would futile for the readers to even click on my link. Publishing pictures is again another area where I would definitely try my hands on as I do take a lot of pictures, but I am too lazy to post them online. Poems around love, romance and haikus used to be my forte, which surprisingly isnt so for the last few months. So I have deicided to post a review about a movie kinda fare, which opened with big expectations but unfolded so badly like a Vijay movie[pls 4give fans of vj{ if that group still exists ;) } ]. Its going to be about IPL our Indian cricket team . Feel free to post your thoughts as comments, but please be polite & courteous to others.

In our country, cricket is the more than a sport or religion, it is a passion. Just like every other acts of mimickry that we do with the westeners, we have embraced the game and have taken it to the next level , which was not even possible in its own country. There used to be a time when cricket was an uniting factor for all the Indians, but today it is a differentiating one. The whole concept of IPL has changed our Indian cricket , only for the worse. How is this going to affect India’s position in the ICC ? How it might affect India and Indians? Lets look at some of the probabilities, but believe me, some of these probabilities might have already turned into realities!

Any team will perform well, only if it has 1) a good leader,2) an achievable target and 3)most of all teamspirit/ friendship(or alteast good terms of understanding) among the players. Until the IPL happened, the team was gelling well and we sensed the positive vibes and it showed when India won the Inaugural ICC WT20 championships. For the cricketers, accolades and adulations poured in followed by millions of US dollars. One shrewd business mind aka Lalit Modi, identified the opportunity to dig gold at the expense of Indian cricket and created IPL. Earlier we used to have one captain and one VC to be used as a stand-in skipper.. The team used to look to the skipper for inspiration and encouragement. There used to be bowling and batting partners who would put their best for India. So there was friendship and teamspirit in the Indian team. But today IPL has opened a pandora box, where by almost 8 of the 11 best players of India(the numbers may increase with the creation of Kochi & Pune teams), can guide a team with both Indian and foreign players. While it brings out the best leadership skills in them, it also creates a rift between the players themselves who will not gell together when they come back to play for the country. The cash providing corporates are hell bent on driving these players to hell. First of all, IPL was supposed to be only an entertainment. Cricket is a game and not business. Even their stocks dont keep rising, but they expect their team to win all the games and put the players under unnecessary stress levels. Sports itself is about relieving your stress and not getting into one. The corporates who own the IPL are percieving it as a business assignment. I wonder what do they get if their team wins the final of IPL??? Were they not supposed to promote the sports? What was the need to play almost 2 months of tiring IPL, a domestic tournament until 5 days before an important international tournament like WT20? Was IPL not a promise of pure sports and bringing new talents for the better of Indian cricket? Is Lalit Modi the sole culprit of India’s debacle? The answer is a big NO!. BCCI is also equally responsible for the disastrous show.

India has been bragging a lot about its unique unity in diversity factor which amusingly we can see only in the last 100 years or so, when a lot of states ruled by different kings and people speaking different languages, following different religion were forced to unite, by the racist acts of a powerful imperialist nation. We have not even completed a century of united India but we have faitfully went back to our old ways, by differentiating among ourselves based on state and language to the extent of even depriving millions of water. And now one more factor has come in our way, our own backyard IPL team! Bhajji for whom you used to pray 2 years ago is now your hate-list. Folks who once batted for Dravid, are now plotting his downfall in their minds.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t support a team or have a favourite one in IPL, but the way in which you chose your team is what pitiable; supporting an IPL team based on your state is the worst form of sectarianism or racism. People who are not interested in such sectarian thoughts are slowly brain-washed by the regional FMs and TV channels. Why do tamil channels have to give score updates of only Chennai matches? Wont any tamilian be interested to know Ganguly’s score or cheer for Sehwag? We were united as one big nation many a times in the past, but as soon as the ruling power wanes, we have disintegrated and been an easy prey for others. One just can hope that the history doesnt repeat itself. Is this like making a storm out of tea cup or is it going to be a butterfly effect? Only time can tell and I wish to be an optimist!

Helmet Rule – Safety or discomfort ?

One of my friends happened to visit a IT company campus recently and had a taste of the efficiency of the helmet rule there :)

He had stopped in the shop just a few feet away from the entrance gate for a quick smoke and then when he tried to enter in TCO, he was stopped by the security. He did have his ID, but then why did they stop him?? For the reason that he was not wearing his helmet! My friend is an affable, law abiding dude who has been using helmets even before the government passed the rule. So he was not one of the “regular” guys who hates to wear helmet and carry it like their baby on their bike tanks. He judged that he only had a few feet to go into the campus and didnt want to do with the hassles of putting on his helmet for a distance of 20 feet. For “clever” people who might argue that the TCO parking lot is more than 100 metres from the main gate, I would like to remind them that we are not having a highway within the campus and company parking lots are not supposed to be accident-prone areas.

The security will not allow him to enter without his helmet on; the reason – they have been asked to ensure that motor-cyclists wear helmets. This is the “best” form of following rules in word, I would say. There is no reason why a person has to wear helmets while riding inside a company campus, except when

1. people working there drive insane and
2. the speed limit is strictly more than 50.
Everyone would agree that none of the above is true :)

Another question that comes to my mind is , how far can we put rules to ensure that an associate is safe? If an associate is not willing to wear helmets, nobody can force him/her to do so. What if they remove it as soon as they step out??? So there are some suggestions that might help all employees to be safe drivers :)

1) There be driving lessons for all employees. Even if you have a license( Offshore/onsite :) ) it doesnt matter. You will have to enroll yourself in these sessions. All employees must pass an exam which will help you to drive a car/ motorcycle within the campus.

2) There will be disciplinary action against an associate if he/she meets with an accident outside the campus. Inside the campus, they will be treated with Tincture and Dettol, so that they drive safely the next time:)

3) Setup random security personnel to follow associates to ensure that they wear their helmets until they reach home. If not a report will be submitted to their managers.

4) Associates wearing helmets for longer durations will be recognized and promoted with “safe-techie of the month” award. It will be worth 50 WAH points ;)

Jokes apart, helmets are life-savers and we need them for our safety. Lack of safety measures leads to death in almost 60% of the accidents and for the bereaved family/friends, death does leave a void which will be abyss. I think the authorities should think through the reason for bringing in the helmet rule in first place is for the peoples safety and not to harass them!

Jus like that

ஒன்னு ரெண்டு மூணு நாலு
அஞ்சு ஆறு ஏழு எட்டு
பத்து பதினொன்னு பன்னெண்டு பதிமூணு
எழுதிட்டேன் பாரு நானும் புதுகவிதை !

நாலு நாலு வார்த்தை சேத்துபோட்டேன்
வைரமுத்து வரியை ஆட்டைய போட்டேன்
அடுத்தவன் ப்ளொக்லே கமெண்டை போட்டேன்
கவிதேன்னா இது தான்னு சொல்லிபோட்டேன் !

காதல்லே தான் ஆரம்பிச்சேன்.
காதலேயே நின்னுகிட்டேன் !
உருகி உருகி எழுதிடுவேன் ,
காதலை விட்டு வேற கேட்டா…
தத்து பித்துன்னு உளறிடுவேன் !
கேட்டா “கவிஞன்”னு சொல்லிடுவேன் !

சின்னவயசு பள்ளிகூட கட்டுரை,
வாரம் ஒன்னு எழுதிடுவேன் .
நெட்டுலே “கவிஞன்”னு சொல்லனும்னு ,
நாலு நாலு வார்த்தையா பிரிச்சி போட்டுடுவேன்

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saint Pattinathar was a Saivaite and a Spiritual leader who lived in TamilNadu 500 years ago.He was born to Sivanesa chetty and Gnanakalai. His father was a trader in Tiruvidaimarudur, Thanjavur district. His birth name was Swetharanyar after as epithet of Lord Siva of Swetharanyeswarar Temple. He was also called as Thiruvenkadar by the people. When he was five years old, he lost his father. Like his father he spent money on Siva devotees, and fed them daily. He was a trader and had enough wealth. At sixteen years, he was married to Sivakalai, daughter of another trader by the name of Sivasithamparam Chettiyar and his wife Sivakamy. Even after fifteen years of marriage they had no children. Meantime there was a very poor Saivaite by the name of Sivasarumar who spent all his wealth in feeding the Siva devotees. When all his wealth was spent he sold his wife's nuptial chain (thali) and fed the devotees of Lord Siva. Once in his dream, Lord Siva appeared and told him, he would find him (Siva) as a baby at a certain spot. "Hand over the baby boy to Thiruvenkadar. He would give gold equal to the weight of the baby. The Saivaite devotees found the baby and took him to Pattinathar. He adopted the child and gave the couple, gold and more wealth.

The divine child grew up and followed in his father's footsteps. Once the father sent him on a ship with a good lot of merchandise and when he came he brought back sacks full of paddy husks. The father was angry and locked him up in a room and going to the harbor, threw the husks out. What was his surprise to see they were all gold; Every dried piece of the husk turned out to be gold and precious gems. He hurried home to see his son. He was not in the room. His wife gave him a small box the son had given before he disappeared. In it was an Palm-leaf manuscript and a needle without an eyelet. On the script were the following words (in English for understanding):

"Not even an eyeless needle will accompany you in the final journey of life."

Pattinathar(Thiruvenkadar) realized the philosophy and wisdom of the words, and renounced everything - his wife, his wealth, his kith and kin and all other mundane attachments. With only a loin cloth he left. He sang many a philosophical song to enlighten people on the blissful state of renunciation. He sang about the human life and its complex dimensions, made his lyrics more appealing to the common man. He urged repeatedly not to be attached to the body and its pleasures, for the body which perishes and becomes food for animals and worms. Think of God and surrender at God's feet.

Pattinathar worshiped Shiva at the Srikalahasti temple, which has inspired great poetic and musical works. The samadhi [attained salvation in this place] of Pattinathar is a historic landmark located on the Ennore Expressway in Tiruvottiyur.

Inside the Nandrudayan Vinayaga temple in Devadhanam, Tiruchirappalli, idol for Pattinathar is found.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Working with RAD - Common errors & fixes

I am documenting some of the common issues that we face while setting up your project workspace with an IDE like RSA/RAD. Basically all the Java development IDEs(like JBoss Developer Studio, Weblogic Workshop) are developed with Eclipse as their base. So most the problems and solutions are similar.

Please post your comments on how you liked this posting.

1) Deployment descriptor cannot be loaded :
“The deployment descriptor of the module yourAppplication.war cannot be loaded”

Soln: You would have to refresh the workspace and do a clean build. If that doesnt work, you should remove the WAR entry thats causing problem in the application.xml(deployment descriptor of EAR project) and then try adding the web module back to the EAR. This should solve the issue.

2) While running the server, if you get an error saying some file not found exception or EAR not found error and if you are sure that you dont need any EAR of that name, you can remove the EAR from the WAS profile folder that you are working on.

Eg path: 

If you still keep getting the errors on server startup , you can ignore them as they wont cause any issue. If you would like to get rid of them anyhow, remove the lines that reference it from the serverindex.xml. The tags to look for is .
This file can be found under

3) Class not found exceptions java.lang.ClassNotFoundException
    Could not instantiate class XXX

a)Try to see if you are able to find that class in the workspace using "Open Resource" option(Ctrl+Shift+R). If it is expected to be within a jar, then try finding the class using "Open Resource" option(Ctrl+Shift+T), you will surely find it (if the source code ins SCM is integral/complete). Once you find the class, identify the jar that owns it and try to put it in the buildpath of the project.

b) If the above solution doesnt work, then place those jar files under C:\IBMSDP70\runtimes\base_v61\lib\ext. The path may vary depending on your RAD & app server version. This solution makes the jar files available for all the EARs, all the profiles that would be deployed to the application server(if put inside WAS6 , it will not be available for WAS6.1 version profiles) 

4) If you get any error like ,Error loading deployment.xml for URApplicationEAR: , then chances are that the application, URApplicationEAR is missing in the deployment folder for RAD, but mentioned in serverindex.xml. Remove that entry from that file and re-run the server

File location: C:\IBMSDP70\runtimes\base_v61\profiles\ThisProfile\config\cells\UrPCNameNode01Cell\nodes\UrPCNameNode01

5) Some times you get an error, ERROR IWAE0053E "explaining" that an internal error occured. Sometimes you also get a pointer that an validation error occured with your EAR or WAR. CHKJ3008E: Missing or invalid WAR file.

If you have taken the code fresh from SCM repository (SVN/CVS/VSS etc) and it is a valid code, then the problem just lies in our workspace. To fix this issue, just refresh the projects in your project explorer. If that doesnt work, do a clean & build. 

In one of my projects, the error went away when I manually removed all the WAR and EJB references in the EAR project application.xml and then adding them back. But in another project of mine, I couldnt find the EJB reference after removing it from EAR. So clean build worked here.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Jungle is mine!

The jungle is dark
My journey's all alone!
The night is long,
But I ain't gonna groan!

The hyenas are out
With the werewolves along,
They are going on a stroll !
Should be having a ball..
Until I own them all !

With no help near
You can try to strike me with fear.
You can sure see me crouch!
Its just one of my tricks,
Many in my pouch !
With my quick hard clout,
U r never gonna make it count !!!

The night is dark,
But the jungle is mine !
Stay away bitches !!!
U r not looking at a bloody fat swine !

I never needed to tout
Cos when the "Tiger" is out,
There's hardly a bout !!!

P.S: This is my attempt to write something similar to the rap song that comes in Sivaji Mottai boss introduction, sic, "You can neva take me , break me and neva gonna get away ....". Let me know how  you liked it.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Copying Websphere Environments settings to a new workspace

Time and again, you might be facing a situation where you would have to setup a new workspace in RAD/RSA (or any Eclipse based, IBM's Rational application development tool) and you would find it tiring to set up all the JNDI configurations like datasource, message queues, security etc from the scratch.

If your server settings are going to be similar to the one that you have already created in another workspace or another PC, we have an option to copy(reproduce exactly) the same settings in the new workspace(provided you are using RAD versions 7.x or above). It is technically known as importing WAS profile. The server settings that you want to copy(export) are copied into a archive file called CAR(Configuration archive).

Please post your comments on how you liked this posting.

Importing a server configuration settings to your workspace is ironically called Exporting Server configuration. It uses the same functionality as wsadmin AdminTask importWasprofile.

For experts who are just looking for quick rehash on how to do it, just follow the next 2 points.
1) Import the CAR as a project using general->existing File system
2) Select the server while it is stopped, right click and choose Export server configuration to server and select the project that has the CAR.

For others who are looking for more details, I have presented the extra details from IBM support documentation. If any of the readers face any issues, please drop a comment and I shall try to help you.

The Export process actually incorporates an existing server configuration into an WebSphere Test Environment whereas the Import mechanism actually creates the .car file from an existing server configuration.

You must therefore run the Import wizard first to create a .carfile from a WebSphere Test Environment and thereafter run the Export mechanism to adopt this into the target server, as detailed below.

Steps to adopt existing Server configuration in new WebSphere Test Environment:

1. Select the Import configuration option by right-clicking the applicable WebSphere Test Environment and select Import Server Configuration from Server
2. Name the .car file that will be created with the preferred name within the wizard and save it within the workspace in an existing project.

Result: The creation wizard will then run and Rational Application Developer status bar will show the import progress until the completion of the wizard. On completion the Console view will output any errors with the import process where applicable. On successful completion, the generated .car file will be located in the target project.

3. Import the .carfile into a new workspace directly to an existing project. The .car file should be located within the workspace so the Export wizard can access it.

7. Implement the Export server configuration to Server option pointing at the existing .car

Result: On successful completion of the Export wizard the server configuration from .car
file will then be merged with the existing server configuration of the target WebSphere Test Environment.

Please post your comments on how you liked this posting.