Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tips for Fairy tale ending

I have decided to share some tips for people who single and ready to mingle. Well , I am not a big guru / expert in this area, but I have heard this from others or read in other sites or magazines. I am sharing this for the benefit of all single souls :D

Have a clear idea of what you expect from your life partner. You would be spending the rest of your life and sharing your joys/sorrows with this person. So know your needs.
Think through the qualities that you are expecting from your “dream girl” or “dream boy” . Separate them under 2 categories as “one that you can compromise on” ( not so high on your priority list) and “ones that are MUST” ( these characteristics MUST be present in your valentine).

If you are looking for someone who is good looking, highly educated and well earning spouse(which most of us would ;) ), now priotize these 3 in order of your preference. You may like to a beautiful and highly paid spouse(money/earning factor) and compromise on educational qualification….or it can be any of the combination with these 3 qualities.

Understand that life is full of compromises.When you never get your complete spec in software, how do you expect life to fulfill all your expectations. You will come across people who have their positives and negatives. Your prioritization of expectations and compromises will help you in identifying if the person whom you are dating/ thinking to date, will be your perfect life partner.
Love makes sparks fly in the atmosphere. If you have already decided your “date”, but not yet proposed to her, try to look for hidden signs of attraction or interest. Send subtle signals to the person and keep looking for positive signals. A genuine smile , a good morning wish or coffee breaks together will break the ice and catalyse the cupid’s reaction in the other person. But if the other person is not showing any signs of interest, read that as well…at least it would save you from broken heart and sad times :( ;)

Never propose to any girl on first sight or in a few days of friendship. Chances of that girl declining is 99% ! Girls take their own sweet time and remember you are always in a BIG queue [ even if the girl is very ordinary ... cos guys are generally big-hearted and they cant see a girl stay without having a lover :) ] .

If you have already completed the formalities of proposal and its acceptance, ensure that your date is equally committed about getting married with you, even if its against his/her parent’s wishes. If you are committed and your partner is not ready to wait for you, then it doesnt make sense to love them :( While saying that, it also hold good that you are also ready to stand up for your love, and have the courage to talk it out with your parents.

These are only some of the tips and they are not completely concrete. There cant be any perfect recipes for a fairy tale wedding and similarly not every single person’s issue be solved with these tips. But still, from these abstractions, everyone can conclude on their love situation. For those who are in love, every day is a celebration of love.

Lets celebrate love :)

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