Thursday, January 5, 2012

Copying Websphere Environments settings to a new workspace

Time and again, you might be facing a situation where you would have to setup a new workspace in RAD/RSA (or any Eclipse based, IBM's Rational application development tool) and you would find it tiring to set up all the JNDI configurations like datasource, message queues, security etc from the scratch.

If your server settings are going to be similar to the one that you have already created in another workspace or another PC, we have an option to copy(reproduce exactly) the same settings in the new workspace(provided you are using RAD versions 7.x or above). It is technically known as importing WAS profile. The server settings that you want to copy(export) are copied into a archive file called CAR(Configuration archive).

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Importing a server configuration settings to your workspace is ironically called Exporting Server configuration. It uses the same functionality as wsadmin AdminTask importWasprofile.

For experts who are just looking for quick rehash on how to do it, just follow the next 2 points.
1) Import the CAR as a project using general->existing File system
2) Select the server while it is stopped, right click and choose Export server configuration to server and select the project that has the CAR.

For others who are looking for more details, I have presented the extra details from IBM support documentation. If any of the readers face any issues, please drop a comment and I shall try to help you.

The Export process actually incorporates an existing server configuration into an WebSphere Test Environment whereas the Import mechanism actually creates the .car file from an existing server configuration.

You must therefore run the Import wizard first to create a .carfile from a WebSphere Test Environment and thereafter run the Export mechanism to adopt this into the target server, as detailed below.

Steps to adopt existing Server configuration in new WebSphere Test Environment:

1. Select the Import configuration option by right-clicking the applicable WebSphere Test Environment and select Import Server Configuration from Server
2. Name the .car file that will be created with the preferred name within the wizard and save it within the workspace in an existing project.

Result: The creation wizard will then run and Rational Application Developer status bar will show the import progress until the completion of the wizard. On completion the Console view will output any errors with the import process where applicable. On successful completion, the generated .car file will be located in the target project.

3. Import the .carfile into a new workspace directly to an existing project. The .car file should be located within the workspace so the Export wizard can access it.

7. Implement the Export server configuration to Server option pointing at the existing .car

Result: On successful completion of the Export wizard the server configuration from .car
file will then be merged with the existing server configuration of the target WebSphere Test Environment.

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