Thursday, April 12, 2012

Love happens

Whenever I write a post a poem in my blog, some ( who don’t write poems) ask me the imminent question,”So you write only love poems?”. A lot of our bloggers/poets would have faced this question as well. This is a simple question which has a broad range of answers. Even before we answer them, they come to any one of the following conclusions -
  • you are in love at present
  • you have been ditched by your girlfriend/boyfriend in the past
  • you are hopelessly romantic(this is not a compliment) and
  • you don’t have any work at office to keep you occupied.
Well, since they don’t really care about our answer to that question, we will leave them there.
Plato said, “At the touch of love, everyone turns into a poet”. The first poem by any person would have been about love. Of all the emotions at our disposal why do we rate love above all? Why do we use eloquent, bombastic, superfluous words and compulsively try to write a poem when we are in love? Because when we are angry we are going to hit that person with all the force instead of writing a poem to express our anger,pain and rage :D

Falling in love brings a lot of changes in you(growing beard or thinning down on failure is excluded).There would have been songs but you pay attention to the lyrics only when you are in love. The flowers are always there in your way, but you see the roses only when you are in love. The sunset is always pleasant, but you didn’t have the time to appreciate it before. The rainbow never looked beautiful until your girl wears it in her duppatta. Cool breeze, wonderful flowers, beautiful nature, Kannadasan poems etc were all there, but you acknowledge these only when you are in love.
For some writing poems is a side-effect of falling in love. But it becomes a not-so-pleasant experience for the readers when they become compulsive poets. They start writing an essay with only 4 words in a line and call it a poem.

There is an universal emotion that connects all the people in this world which is love. Though love marriages are accepted in India, at times it is being subject to suppression based on various factors. Parents should help their children in finding the right life partner and guide them in distinguishing between love, infatuation and deception. But how many of the parents are doing this is a big question, that leaves us with a unsatisfactory response.

காதலினால் மானிடற்கு கவலை தீரும்
காதலினால் கவிதை உண்டாம்
காதலினால் சாகாதிருத்தல் கூடும்
ஆதலினால் காதல் செய்வீர் உலகத்தீரே !

“Mahakavi” Bharathiyar was called “makkal kavingar”( poet of the masses). His above verse has been made immortal by us, but still we whole heartedly promote “love”, only if it happens in our neighbour’s house. We all crib for change to happen but we don’t do anything to make that change.

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