Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Jungle is mine!

The jungle is dark
My journey's all alone!
The night is long,
But I ain't gonna groan!

The hyenas are out
With the werewolves along,
They are going on a stroll !
Should be having a ball..
Until I own them all !

With no help near
You can try to strike me with fear.
You can sure see me crouch!
Its just one of my tricks,
Many in my pouch !
With my quick hard clout,
U r never gonna make it count !!!

The night is dark,
But the jungle is mine !
Stay away bitches !!!
U r not looking at a bloody fat swine !

I never needed to tout
Cos when the "Tiger" is out,
There's hardly a bout !!!

P.S: This is my attempt to write something similar to the rap song that comes in Sivaji Mottai boss introduction, sic, "You can neva take me , break me and neva gonna get away ....". Let me know how  you liked it.

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