Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Timestamps are widely used by many developers to differentiate the files created by their application/code. Generally in J2EE environments, the timestamp is accurate to milliseconds, but it is time since Epoch ( Ijan 1970).

TIBCO MFT provides the option for systems to capture the timestamp in conventional HHMMSS format. The transfers that are defined in Command Center have options to append some tokens to the client file name which appears in the destination file. There are 3 timestamps available in TIBCO.

Token Name             Definition            Generated Value
$(Time)                     Local Time          HHMMSSMSS
$(Time1)                   Local Time          HHMMSS
$(Time2)                   Local Time          HHMMSST

The first one or default token , $(Time) captures the timestamp accurate to 1/thousandth of a second.
The second one,$(Time1) captures timestamp only upto seconds.
The third token,$(Time2), captures time accurate to 1/10th of the seconds.

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